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Knowledge acquisition, knowledge exchange, and knowledge communication using innovative technologies form the core of the research topics at the Knowledge Media Research Center in Tuebingen. Our researchers are concerned with classic forms of teaching and education in schools and higher education, as well as with promoting learning in informal settings, such as in museums, the internet, and the work place.

At the KMRC, our multidisciplinary team of highly trained scientists from cognitive and educational sciences, human behavioral sciences, and social sciences works closely with experts from media technology and computer science. By collaborating with public and private institutions and by transferring research results into real world applications, the institute makes a substantial contribution to enabling innovative media-based teaching and learning scenarios.

On our website you will find further insights into our organizational structure and the research conducted at the institute.


Prof. Friedrich W. Hesse re-elected for vice-president of the German Leibniz Association

2014-12-03 portrait hesse iwm-news
During its annual general assembly at the 28th of November in Berlin, the German Leibniz Association elected a new directorate. Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich W. Hesse, director at the Knowledge Media Research Center in Tuebingen, was re-elected as scientific vice-president of the Leibniz Association for the next two years. The Leibniz Association is an umbrella organisation for 89 institutions in Germany conducting research or providing scientiftic infrastructure.

The steering committee of the Leibniz Association is responsible for the management and strategic agenda of the research community and represents the Leibniz Association outwards.

The cognitive scientist Hesse is Executive Director of the Knowledge Media Research Center (KMRC) in Tuebingen as well as Head of the Department for Applied Cognitive Psychology and Media Psychology at the University of Tuebingen. He is also initiator of and speaker for the first ScienceCampus in Germany on "Informational Environments".

EU research project MIRROR rated as excellent!

The EU project MIRROR – Reflective learning at work was successfully finished this summer after a runtime of four years and rated as excellent by the European Commission. In MIRROR the KMRC researched together with 14 other partners from 6 European countries how reflective learning (learning based on past experiences) at the workplace can be supported by applications. Research results of MIRROR are now used in further research projects, while in MIRROR developed apps support employees in organisations of different sectors. Further information about the project such as research reports and publications can be found on the project homepage.