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2019-04-05  |  5th Campus Meeting of the Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Tübingen
WCT Campustreffen

On March 29, about 40 project partners of the Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Tübingen met at the 5th campus meeting at the IWM. The aim of the event was to present the progress and challenges of the 16 research projects within an open format, to discuss them and to strengthen the cross-project exchange.

From the research focuses of the projects, four contexts can be identified which were addressed in two parallel sessions: During session 1 projects with a focus on touch as well as school and learning environments were presented, session 2 focused on projects on social media and the medical context.

The flexible format and thematic clustering of the projects offered the opportunity to network and to establish concrete links between the projects. Through the close exchange of experiences, suggestions and impulses for further research and ideas for joint research activities could be gained.

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