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2019-04-04  |  Better deciding digitally? Inga Bause successfully defends her dissertation
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Every day we have to make decisions. Some are trivial; others are momentous for our personal or social life. Preferences or biased information might even affect our decisions and become pitfalls. Yet, digital devices can help us in overcoming such pitfalls as Inga Bause from the Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien (IWM) shows in her dissertation.

In her thesis “Can(`t) we help it? Overcoming Preferences and Understanding Biased Information Evaluation” the doctoral student tested whether functions of a multi-touch table can support the decision of a group. To test her hypotheses Inga Bause implemented functions on a multi-touch table that support the exchange of information and enable the joint structuring of information. While groups in the experimental condition processed a decision task with the technological support, the control group had a classic group discussion. In both groups not all members had the same relevant information for making the decision.

Inga Bause presented the results of her studies during the successful defense of her work on March, 28, 2019: Compared to the control group, the use of the multi-touch table increased discussions and the exchange of information. The postgraduate also showed that the biased evaluation of new information seems to hinge on associations between prior information and new information. Future research could therefore concentrate on determining specific mechanisms contributing to the effectiveness of the technological support functions, for example by investigating how virtually sharing prior information affects its evaluation.

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