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The content on this page may be used only in connection with reporting on the Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien and its projects provided that the source is mentioned.


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Cress, Ulrike

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Cress

Head of the IWM, head of the Knowledge Construction Lab

Picture: Christoph Jäckle

Gerjets, Peter

Prof. Dr. Peter Gerjets

Head of the Multimodal Interaction Lab

Picture: Christoph Jäckle

Hesse, Friedrich W.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich W. Hesse

Head of the Knowledge Exchange Lab

Picture: Paavo Ruch

Moeller, Korbinian

Prof. Dr. Korbinian Moeller

Head of the Junior Research Group Neuro-cognitive Plasticity

Picture: Christoph Jäckle

Sassenberg, Kai

Prof. Dr. Kai Sassenberg

Head of the Social Processes Lab

Picture: Christoph Jäckle

Schwan, Stephan

Prof. Dr. Stephan Schwan

Deputy head of the IWM, head of the Realistic Depictions Lab

Picture: Christoph Jäckle

Scheiter, Katharina

Prof. Dr. Katharina Scheiter

Head of the Multiple Representations Lab

Picture: Christoph Jäckle

Utz, Sonja

Prof. Dr. Sonja Utz

Head of the Junior Research Group Social Media

Picture: Christoph Jäckle


Front of the IWM

Picture: IWM

IWM building

Picture: Grasshopper Films


Picture: IWM



Multi touch table

Picture: IWM

Mobile learning

Picture: IWM