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Johannes Großer, M.Sc.
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Johannes Großer, M.Sc.

Member of Knowledge Construction lab

Johannes Grosser joined the IWM in May 2017 as a PhD candidate and research assistant in the Knowledge Construction Lab. He is engaged in the „Open Teach“ project, financed by the german Federal Ministry of Education and Research. He is interested in the possibilities of digital teaching in interdisciplinary learning environments as well as related social processes.
Johannes studied psychology at the Julius-Maximilians-University of Wuerzburg, where he graduated in 2016. During his studies, he joined exchange visits in Caen (France) and Istanbul (Turkey).


OpenTeach: Experimental psychological analysis of open digital teaching

Articles in refereed Journals

Großer, J., Bientzle, M., Shiozawa, T., Hirt, B., & Kimmerle, J. (in press). Acquiring clinical knowledge from an online video platform: A randomized controlled experiment on the relevance of integrating anatomical information and clinical practice. Anatomical Sciences Education.

Grosser, J., & Janczyk, M. (2014). The fate of previously focused working memory content: decay or/and inhibition? Cognitive Processing, 15, 41-42.

Conference Contributions

Großer, J., Bientzle, M., & Kimmerle, J. (2019, April). Learning from digital educational videos: The impact of the source profession on attitude, expectation, and knowledge. Tagung Experimentell Arbeitender Psychologen (TEAP 2019). London, United Kingdom. [Poster]

Shiozawa, T., Bientzle, M., Grosser, J., Kimmerle, J., & Hirt, B. (2019, Januar). Die Öffnung der Hochschullehre – Empirische Analyse offener digitaler Lehre in der Medizin. Vorstellung der Medizinischen Fakultät Tübingen: „Lehre in Posterrounds“ im Studiengang „Master of Medical Education“. Tübingen. [Poster]

Grosser, J., Bientzle, M., Koebele, A, Klier, R., & Kimmerle, J. (2018, Oktober). Der Einfluss der wahrgenommenen Referentenprofession auf informelles Lernen mit digitalen Medien. #LearnMap-Konferenz. Tübingen. [Vortrag]

Großer, J., Bientzle, M., & Kimmerle, J. (2018, February). Learning from an interactive online platform: Anatomy and inter-professional collaboration in the operation room. Innovations in Medical Education Conference. Los Angeles, CA, USA. [Poster]

Großer, J., Bientzle, M., Shiozawa-Bayer, T., Hirt, B., & Kimmerle, J. (2018, August). Learning from an interactive online platform: Anatomy in the inter-professional operation room. Annual Conference of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE). Basel, Switzerland. [Talk]

Shiozawa, T., Bientzle, M., Großer, J., Kimmerle, J., & Hirt, B. (2018, September). TwitchTMing medical education – das Potential von Live Stream Lectures. GMA-Jahrestagung (Gesellschaft für Medizinische Ausbildung). Wien, Österreich. [Talk]

Großer, J., Bientzle, M., Kimmerle, J., Shiozawa-Bayer, T., & Hirt, B. (2017, Juli). Die Öffnung der Hochschullehre. Empirische Analyse offener digitaler Lehre in der Medizin - Open Teach. Fachtagung „Hochschulen im digitalen Zeitalter“ des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung. Berlin. [Poster]

Web Documents

Großer, J., Hirt, B., Irle, G., Bientzle, M., Kimmerle J., & Shiozawa T. (2017). Psychologische Wirkfaktoren der digitalen Lehre in der Medizin am Beispiel der Sectio Chirurgica . https://www.e-teaching.org/praxis/erfahrungsberichte/psychologische-wirkfaktoren-der-digitalen-lehre-in-der-medizin-am-beispiel-der-sectio-chirurgica


Johannes Großer, M.Sc.

Johannes Großer, M.Sc.

Schleichstraße 6
72076 Tübingen
Room 6.423
phone: +49 7071 979-282
fax: +49 7071 979-105