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The influence of social identity integration on well-being, performance and information seeking behavior

WorkgroupKnowledge Construction Lab
Project description

The project investigates integration processes of individuals who possess more than one social identity because they belong to several relevant groups. Social identities can be more or less integrated in the self-concept. The project investigates the impact of social identity integration on well-being, on the effects of stereotype threat, and on the perception and selection of information coming from diverse group-related domains.

Prior research has demonstrated that negative events that affect one social identity can be buffered by a second social identity. Research on the personal identity has, however, found that this is only the case for independent identities. In one part of the current project, we will investigate how the identity integration affects the potential of an alternative social identity to serve as a buffer. Experimental and field studies will focus on well-being and performance that can be affected by stereotypes. Part of the project aims at investigating the impact of identity integration on information behavior. We will investigate to what extent identity integration affects biases in information selection and perception. The project contributes to a better understanding of individual adaptations to a heterogeneous social world and will help with designing circumstances to support intrapersonal diversity management.